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The Infinity 3D Laser Measuring System utilizes state-of-the-art technology with the features you only find with Infinity. East set-up when you want an accurate blueprint of the damaged vehicle you are working on, there simply is no other measuring system…

- John Kennedy & Ray Lapite

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We're a standout company,

with cutting edge, advanced technology

Infinity 3D Laser Measuring is a standout company with cutting edge, advanced technology that will be required for accurate collision repair in the future. The company leadership has roots deep in the autobody repair business. Lowell Zitzloff, President and founder, has owned businesses in the autobody industry for over 40 years. He is now bringing that experience to the measuring and repair of unibodies and frames, because autobody material technology will demand better evaluating tools.

The Infinity XMS 3D Laser Measuring System was born out of exacting aerospace laser measuring technology. This expertise was applied to the conditions and environments that exist in autobody repair, by a group of experienced specialists in each field of application; optoelectronics, software engineering, mechanical design and customer service.

The capabilities of the equipment provide important functions that are skilled at highlighting repair costs previously missed by past systems, while providing a faster setup and easier to use system. All of these features result in a higher return on investment, all the while easing the technician’s analysis time.

To complete Infinity 3D Laser Measuring System’s portfolio, the company has invested heavily in facilities to ensure proper training and support. Infinity boasts a world class training facility located near Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as highly trained local representatives using the latest on-line data available. Infinity XMS 3D Laser Measuring System is providing the highest caliber tools for your success.