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Ultra Fast Accurate Laser Scanning for Blueprinting and Precision Structural Repair
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Intelligent Targets measure

throughout the repair process - saving time & money!

Structural damage is precisely measured and color coded in a 3D-axis graphic

Measure on any surface

Floor, Rack, 2 Post Lift & Bench

Automated compensation for vehicle and scanner tilt/attitude

Mitchell Data and Software

Utilizes the Mitchell International Database for structural vehicle repair which is remotely accessed online to ensure that all data is current. The data then produces a quality pictorial report of the necessary repair work.



Shorter wave length green lasers, micro-controlled active targets and is completely self-calibrating.


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14608 Felton Court
Suite 107
Apple Valley, Minnesota 55124

Telephone: 952.392.6090

Ultra Fast ACCURATE Laser Scanning FOR


Insurance companies and customers are requiring greater accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness. Infinity Laser Systems apply the accuracy of aerospace 3D laser technology to provide the exacting information for blueprinting, repair and reimbursement. The Bi-Optic green laser ensures longer-distance accuracy in a 360° range. Intelligent Targets measure throughout the repair process – saving time and money! Measure on any surface… automated compensation for vehicle and scanner tilt/attitude, floor, rack, 2 post lift and bench. The easy-to-use Infinity Measuring and Control System operates on Windows 7 or Windows 10 platforms.  Infinity has quick set-up and take-down.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT- Our new XMS² FLEET SYSTEM for HD Trucks and Trailers is now available.  Measure a HD Truck or Trailer to a 60' Envelope.  Call us for more information or see on